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Notas de Publicación

2012.05.01 00:00 Javier Gutierrez

* Updated available specfications.
* Added new specification of TAP3.12 and RAP1.5.
* Added more tests.
* Fix decoding of acknowledge files.
* Improved performance.

New release 0.32

2010.06.07 00:00 Javier Gutierrez

* Added new specification of TAP3.11 with tag 432.
* Added support to NRTRDE.

New release 0.31

2008.06.14 00:00 Javier Gutierrez

* Fix bug on selecting the TAP release when opening a RAP file. Thanks Emil.
* Fix support for ellipsis on RAP files.
* Added version 1.4 of the RAP definitions provided also by Emil.

New release 0.30

2005.11.12 00:00 Javier Gutierrez

* Fix bug when there is unused bytes (trash) at the end of a tapfile. Thanks Julio.

New release 0.29

2005.07.31 00:00 Javier Gutierrez

* New algorithm for recognition of files, because of too many problems with
indefinite length.

New release 0.28

2005.07.14 00:00 Javier Gutierrez

* Improvement of data conversion.
* Support for Acknowledment Files. Sorry I did not test this new feature, but
I have no AC files. If you are willing to test this feature and let me know
the results I'll be glad.
* Better support for recognition of File types.
* Solved problem of encoding under Windows. Thanks Denis.
* Better support for ellipsis under Windows.
* Small adaptation of TAP0311 specification to allow the decoding.

New release 0.27

2005.05.22 00:00 Javier Gutierrez

* Support for TAP3.11 and RAP1.3
* Support for ellipsis on the ASN.1 Specification
* Fix bug reading RAP files. Now they are decoded properly. Thanks Imran.
* Fix error message when file type not found.

New release 0.26

2005.01.17 00:00 Javier Gutierrez

* Arrange of Module to be published on the internet.
* All internet links added.

New release 0.25

2004.08.30 00:00 Javier Gutierrez

* Added some tests to the package.
* Support for notification files.
* The recognition of the file type is now automatic. Does not depend on the
filename anymore.

This will result on the release 0.24

2004.08.24 00:00 Javier Gutierrez

* Fixed some minor problems

2004.08.16 00:00 Javier Gutierrez

* Added some examples

2004.08.13 00:00 Javier Gutierrez

* MANIFEST: TAP3/Tap3edit.pod


2004.08.12 00:00 Javier Gutierrez

* TAP3/Tap3edit.pm

Making some order with the methods and variables, it was quite a mess.
Ok. I'm pleased to present the release 0.22

2004.08.09 00:00 Javier Gutierrez

* TAP3/Tap3edit.pm

Support of RAP files.

2004.07.26 00:00 Javier Gutierrez

* TAP3/Tap3edit.pm

Added new methods and variables.

2004.07.22 00:00 Javier Gutierrez

* TAP3/Tap3edit.pm

Translate the original version into objects.

2004.06.18 00:00 Javier Gutierrez

Initial version


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