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What is Tap3edit?
Who can use it?
What can it do?
How to do it?
What do I need before installing it?
How to install it?
Some sample scripts
Some C/C++ Tools
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Here you can download some sample scripts

tap3edit_add_recEntityInfo.txtinsert a new recEntityInfo. 996
tap3edit_camel_remover.txtdeletes the Camel attachments of a TAP file. 944
tap3edit_create_notification_file.txtcreates a TAP3R2 notification file. 1936
tap3edit_display.txtshow the structure of a TAP3/RAP file. 1105
tap3edit_get_info.txtshow the basic information of RAP and TAP files. 890
tap3edit_remove_callingnum.txtremove the calling number from the MTC's when has non-numerical characters 1801
tap3edit_show_calls.txtshow all calls in a TAP file 1015
tap3edit_show_charge_details.txtshow the charge detail of every calls in a TAP file 1448
tap3edit_show_mscid.txtshow the msisdn and/or mscid from the Network Information section 1118
tap3edit_show_recEntityInfo.txtshow all elements into the recEntityInfo. 1100
tap3edit_show_service_code.txtshow the first service code of every call. 1216
tap3edit_txt_to_tap3.txtcreates a TAP3R2 from the hash inside the .TXT file, normally created with tap3edit_display.txt 1357

Note: The extension .txt is to let you easily see the scripts. You may want change it afterwards. For example under Windows you may change it to .pl


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