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How to install TAP3::Tap3edit?

It is quite easy. If you are on unix/linux you might want to type the following commands on your command line. (TAP3::Tap3edit should be in your current directory of course).

gunzip TAP3-Tap3edit-0.24.tar.gz
tar xvf TAP3-Tap3edit-0.24.tar
cd TAP3-Tap3edit-0.24
perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install

Note: To install this tool under Unix you will need root permissions. In case you want to do it locally, there are instructions on how to do it in the README file coming with the package.

If you want to install it under Windows you can uncompress it using Winzip. Using Winzip will replace the commands gunzip and tar.

The make command is by default installed command under unix/linux but not Windows.

You can find here a quick installation manual for windows.

Windows Installation


Well, now you know everything about TAP3::Tap3edit. It's time to get it.

What do I need to install TAP3::Tap3edit? Download TAP3::Tap3edit?


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