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What do I need to install it?

Alright, since this Module is a Perl module you need of course Perl. If you are using unix or linux you have it possibly already installed in your system. Please check the version you are using. I built the Module with Perl 5.8.6. I did not try the module with older versions. So you may want to update to the latest version.


I made the Module on Linux Suse 9.1 and there everything worked fine. I tried it as well on Sun Solaris and worked in the same way. No complaints from the system. You can find the Perl binaries for Unix/Linux under following link:


In fact here you can find binaries of Perl for all the systems.


I didn't try TAP3::Tap3edit on a windows platform but I suppose it should work in the same way as it did on unix. When we talk about scripts and Perl programs I prefer the Unix/Linux platform since it is more powerful. Anyway you may try.

You can find Perl for windows under following link:



I've never worked on a Mac, so I don't know if it works or not. But since Perl is multi platform should work in the same way as it does on Unix.

Here the link:


What else do I need?

TAP3::Tap3Edit uses another module to handle the ASN.1 structures. The Module is called Convert::ASN1 and it was written by Graham Barr. In the latest versions of Linux this module comes included in the installation package (At least I saw it on Suse). This module should be installed as any other Perl Module, you just need to follow the instructions (In fact is the same way to install TAP3::Tap3edit).

From here you can download the latest version:



Alright. I think after you have your Perl and your Convert::ASN1 working on your system, it's time to install TAP3::Tap3edit and see what happens.

How to work with TAP3::Tap3edit? How to install TAP3::Tap3edit?


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