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What can TAP3::Tap3edit do?

Ok. You know now what this module is and who can use it. But you are asking yourself what it can exactly do, or better said, what the possibilities are by using it.

Well, let's put it in some examples:

Example: Problem with the Billing System 1

Let's suppose you've changed something in your billing system and all your TAP files were created as normally. After two days you realize all the files were rejected at your clearing house! After a while, you identify and solve the configuration problem in your billing system, but you still have 400 files you need to repair and send again to your clearing house. So this is a good moment to use TAP3::Tap3edit.

Example: Problem with the Billing System 2

Let's change slightly the previous example. You had the trouble and you cannot even solve the problem in your billing system. That means you cannot stop creating TAP files with wrong information. And you need to send those calls to your roaming partners! What to do??? Well, you can create a Perl script using the TAP3::Tap3edit module to patch and fix all your TAP files, then you can configure it to run for every file before being sent. In that way your billing system creates TAP files with wrong information, you patch them with your script, your clearing house does not reject them anymore and your roaming partners receive all the calls.

Example: Statistics

For some reason you need to make some statistics and need to get the information directly from the TAP files. How to extract the information from the files? You can use TAP3::Tap3edit. You need to know for example all the duration of every IMSI in the last week. So collect all the files with calls in the last week. Then make a program to read all TAP files and store the IMSI and its duration in some table on some database. Afterwards you run the program on all the files. Now you just need to go to the database and run a query. These are your statistics.

What else can you do?

In fact, you can do everything you want and the limit is your imagination. Perl is a very powerful language. To give you some other ideas you could build a program to convert a TAP3 file into XML, or even to TAP2 or to another release of TAP3 (Note: for these cases you need to know of course all the rules for the conversion).

It is not always necessary to decode and encode. You can just decode to get only information from the file (look the example of the statistics). Or you can only encode if you already have the structure. This is useful to create TAP or RAP files, for example a notification file.

Alright, for the moment it's enough of examples, I think you've got already the idea. It's time to see how it works on the practice.

Who can use TAP3::Tap3edit? How to work with TAP3::Tap3edit?


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