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Who can use this tool?

Since this module is designed to be used from Perl, you need to be familiar with this language. You need to have some experience with handling of hashes under Perl and with the ASN.1 structure of TAP3 Files, which is defined in the TD.57 document from the GSM Association for TAP 3 Files and in the TD.32 for RAP files.

In other words, TAP3::Tap3edit is a Perl module oriented mostly to developers with some experience with Perl and TAP 3 Files.

But anyhow, if you don't have any experience either with Perl or TAP 3 Files, you may want to try it anyway. In this page I'll give you some tips and examples to make small changes to your TAP and RAP files.

What is TAP3::Tap3edit? What can TAP3::Tap3edit do?


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