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What is TAP3::Tap3edit?

TAP3::Tap3edit is a Perl module. When you use it into a Perl script you are able to edit GSM TAP3 and RAP files encoded with the ASN.1 GSM specification.

What does it mean? It means with this library you can write for example a script to decode a TAP 3 or a RAP file, change its content in a way you want, and encode it again into the same or a new TAP 3 file.

What is the advantage against the visual TAP3 editors?

Since Tap3edit is not interactive as the other Visual Windows TAP3 editor (no window or icon to click to) you can write a script or a batch file in Perl language to do all the job for you. You can create the script once, and then apply it automatically to all the files you want! You can even give it to other users.

If you are a C experienced programmer with knowledge of ASN.1, you'll know what it means to change a TAP 3 file with a simple 10 lines script.

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