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If you like this tool and if you think it is worth to make a donation for its development, you can do it here. Paypal is the method I currently support

Thank you very much!

TAP3::Tap3edit: a Perl module which let you edit GSM TAP3 and RAP files encoded with GSM ASN.1 specification.
filename: TAP3-Tap3edit-0.33.tar.gz
version: 0.33
date: 27.10.2015
size: 113559 bytes

Tap3edit downloadTap3edit download
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Convert::ASN1: If you have problems with the newest version of Convert::ASN1 (e.g. problems when decoding files) you can try this version. This is the version 0.19 with a patch I made to decode files with indefinte length.

filename: Convert-ASN1-0.19.tar.gz
version: ASN1-0.19
date: 19.02.2012
size: 61849 bytes

Tap3edit downloadTap3edit download


To test the tool you may want to download also some examples.



How to install TAP3::Tap3edit? Contact me


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